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    Welcome to Daydream Paintings!

    My name is Leon Elperin, and I am a Russian-born local to the Bay Area artist. As I get older, I notice in myself a fiery passion to represent life’s thoughts and experiences onto a canvas. A color-filled representation of a world I am slowly learn...

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Step 1: Read about the Artist

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I admire artists and the visions they exhibit. Many work not for the money or accolades but for those special moments when their work catches the heart of the viewer.

Step 2: View the Collection

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Many of the paintings in my collection are a result of my many dreams and recollections. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Step 3: Order Custom Painting

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I enjoy painting for others and hope you would be interested in having me paint you a custom art piece. Please call or email at anytime.