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About the Artist

My existence as an Artist is to create works that capture the heart of the viewer. Read more about me below.

The Collection

Many of the paintings in my collection are a result of my many dreams and recollections.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Custom Painting Services

I enjoy painting for others and hope you would be interested in having me paint you a custom art piece.  Please call or email at anytime.

About the artist

Thank you for visiting Daydream Paintings!

My name is Leon Elperin and I am a Russian-born local to the Bay Area artist.  I've been painting since 2002 and as I get older, I notice in myself a fiery passion to represent life's thoughts and experiences onto a canvas.  A color-filled representation of a world I am slowly learning to get to know and trust. 

Van Gogh once said, "I dream painting, and then I paint my dream," and with these painted dreams he moved the world into elegance and artistic enchantment.

I admire all artists and the visions they exhibit.  Many work not for the money or accolades but for those special moments when their work catches the heart of the viewer.  Many of the paintings in my collection are a result of my own dreams as well as things I have drawn for my customers.  I love each of my paintings dearly and invite you to enjoy them and comment on them as you please.

I also enjoy painting for others and so hope you would be interested in commissioning a custom painting from me.

Leon Elperin

Custom Painting Services

Would you like me to create a Custom Painting just for you?

Ideal for birthday gifts, office decorations, homes, restaurants, company logos, galleries, etc.

Each new painting is affordable and will be custom tailored to your specific needs.  You pick the theme/idea, or let me freelance a concept on your behalf.  The process is pretty simple, you can send me your thoughts via email or we can meet over coffee to discuss your needs.  I will then provide you with the most ideal and unique custom art work ever seen.

Each order comes with:

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • "Start to Finish" Photos of how your painting was made

Available Canvas sizes:

  • 11"x14"
  • 16"x20"
  • 18"x24"
  • 24"x36"
  • 28"x36"
  • Other Canvas sizes available upon request


  • Prices start at $75 and are determined by canvas size, materials, and delivery method.


  • Please note if ordering from outside the Bay Area, additional shipping rates will apply.

our blog

Have a look at our blog for latest news and updates on the many projects we are working on.

This blog is also a great place to see some photos of how our most popular paintings came to life with the very popular "Start to Finish" photo section.


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